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Thursday, 31. March 2016

Introducing Paket’s caching feature – or how I fixed our broken builds

Filed under: .NET — Steffen Forkmann at 9:55 Uhr
The problem

Last week most of us heard that latest npm drama where “one developer broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript“. The reason for this huge impact was that all of these projects (even infrastructure critical projects like Node) relied on the fact that packages are available on npm until the end of time. But users are allowed to delete packages permanently. Oups!

In .NET/mono land things are slightly better. Users can’t delete packages from nuget.org, they are only allowed to “unlist”. Unlisted packages won’t be suggested for new installations, but are still available on the server so that builds won’t break. In most cases this is a good thing for users, but even on nuget.org packages can be removed permanently and this already affected some projects.

If you are using TeamCity as CI server and also as NuGet feed then things are looking bad as well. TeamCity’s cleanup task removes all artifacts from your projects – including NuGet packages. So if you forget to pin a build that generated an important NuGet package then TeamCity’s cleanup will eventually delete that package. This hit us a couple of times now and ironically also right now. 🙁

Paket caches to the rescue

For Paket v3 (currently in alpha) we implemented a solution for this problem. With this version we can configure additional caches which will automatically be used to store all external dependencies in a safe and controlled location.

This feature would have protected us, but in our case the damage was already done. The package was already “cleaned” from the TeamCity NuGet feed and most of our builds broke. So in order to fix this we did the following:

Et voilà: all builds on all TeamCity agents and developer machines became green again.

Did OK


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