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Monday, 2. December 2019

Announcing Paket 6 alpha

Filed under: Diverses — Steffen Forkmann at 13:03 Uhr

The post is a part of F# Advent Calendar 2019.

Up to this date the Paket Project consists of 12k commits, 2.3k releases, 255 contributors, 3 million downloads from NuGet, 3.3 million downloads from GitHub and most importantly: over 5 years of fun!

A big thanks to the whole community of users, contributors and maintainers to make this .NET package manager such a successful open source project.

Today, I want to announce Paket 6. A new major release which concludes our work on .NET Core and new MSBuild SDK projects.

While we did support new SDK projects for quite some time and also had support for .NET Core, we now have transformed Paket itself to fully embrace this new world.

In massive pull request like #3713 (+439 -12,212) and a lot of community effort we were able to switch our rather complicated build and integration test setup to a modern approach.

From the user perspective not much should change. Old project style is still supported and so are usage variants of Paket’s bootstrapper and also magic mode.

What’s new is that we now recommend to use Paket as a local .NET Core tool. Read more about this in the docs.

So without further ado: please checkout Paket 6 alpha versions and report all issues back to us. Thank you so much!