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Wednesday, 14. July 2010

"Fake – F# Make" released – Bugfixes for CruiseControl.NET

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Today I released “FAKE – F# Make” version This release fixes some issues with CruiseControl.NET compatibility and improves the MSBuild task.

Important links:

Changes for CruiseControl.NET

Daniel Nauck created a FAKE task for CC.Net. This task allows a much easier configuration of FAKE. Please download the latest CC.NET build if you want to use it.

Daniel also created a FAKE build project on his server which showed us some compatibility issues:

@Daniel: Thank you very much for helping me on this CruiseControl.NET stuff. I really appreciate this.

MSBuild task changes

The MSBuild task in FAKE gets a sequence of project files and compiles them in the given order. This might be slow if you have lots of dependent projects. Then MSBuild might analyze the dependencies over and over again. To fix this issue I currently see two possible solutions:

  1. Generate a temporary solution file and use this for compilation.
  2. Analyze the given projects and remove all dependent projects from the list.

FAKE implements the second idea. If you have a better idea please contact me.

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