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Monday, 8. April 2013

Stati-C/AL Prism – Static analysis for Microsoft Dynamics NAV reloaded

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Christian Clausen and Bent Rasmussen released their second static analysis tool for Dynamics NAV called Prism. This time it has more features and it’s even faster than Supervision.

“Load time for Developers Toolkit for a typical full database is approximately 25 minutes which compares to Prism’s 20 seconds. Load time is a serious productivity and/or quality killer, as people will either work with old objects in Developers Toolkit, wait another 25 minutes to reprocess the objects, or even decide to just go ahead and change code without understanding how the current code is actually working.”

[project page]

The biggest new feature is “Find usages”:


Check out the project page and watch the presentation at the Community for F# which gives some details about the implementation.

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