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Friday, 18. February 2011

FAKE with MSpec and NuGet support released

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After a very interesting talk by Alexander Groß at the ADC2011 about MSpec I started to play around with it. I really like the concepts and especially the Selenium support.

Today I released a new “Fake – F# Make” version with initial support for machine.specifications (MSpec) and fixed some NuGet problems incl. support for automatic push to the http://nuget.org/ feed.

MSpec sample

Using MSpec in Fake is pretty straight forward and nearly the same like the NUnit or xUnit task:

NuGet sample

The following sample is taken from the NaturalSpec build and creates a NuGet package. It takes the AccessKey from the build params and pushes the new package to nuget.org. There are still some missing features but you can use them by manually editing the .nuspec file.

The corresponding .nuspec file looks like this:

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