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Tuesday, 24. November 2009

Generating an IObservable<T> from an IEvent in F#

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Yesterday I showed how we can map some of the Rx operators to an API which looks more like the F# base classes. Today I wanted to use these mapped operators in a WPF-application written in F#.

F# gives us a nice way to use events as first class citizen (via IEvent) but these events implement their own version of IObservable<T> (in FSharp.Core.dll), which is unfortunately incompatible with the Rx version and therefore with the mapped API.

The solution I found is to wrap the F# IEvent with a Rx IObservable<T>:

/// Generates an observable from an IEvent

let fromEvent (event:IEvent<_,_>) =      

  Observable.Create<_>(fun x ->

    event.Subscribe x.OnNext |> ignore

    new System.Action(fun () -> ()))     

Now we are able to use the WPF events as observables:

// Register ListBox Commands


  |> Observable.fromEvent

  |> Observable.filter (fun args -> args.Key = Key.Delete)

  |> Observable.subscribe deleteElement

I am interested if someone has a different and maybe better solution to this problem.

Updated: 21.12.2009 – Observable.Context is no longer supported by Rx ==> Removed

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