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Wednesday, 1. April 2009

Getting started with “FAKE – F# Make” – Get rid of the noise in your build scripts.

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This article has been moved to http://fsharp.github.io/FAKE/gettingstarted.html

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  1. […] setup a build file just to compile the code based on Steffen Forkman’s blog post and then tried to compile the project, leading to the following error: error FS0191: A function […]

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  2. […] I just released a new version of my Open Source Build Automation Framework “FAKE – F# Make”. You can read more about FAKE on the project website or in the Getting started with "FAKE – F# Make"-article. […]

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  3. […] If you want to know how this build script works and how you could create one for your own projects please read the “Getting started with FAKE”-tutorial. […]

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  4. […] open source continuous integration server. In this blog post I show you how you can build FAKE’s Calculator sample with Jenkins. If you are familiar with Jenkins or Hudson then this should be straight […]

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