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Thursday, 13. September 2012

Skillsmatter “Progressive F# Tutorials 2012” session in London

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I’m happy to announce that I’m giving one of the “Progressive F# Tutorials 2012” in London this year. This event is going to be legendary. Abstract:

Test-Driven Development can give you a lot of benefits for your code but also needs a lot of practice. Come to this session and learn how to master TDD with F#, NaturalSpec and NCrunch.

NaturalSpec is a F# TDD framework which allows to express tests in a very intuitive way and NCrunch helps to execute these tests continuously on very key stroke. This gives a very fast feedback loop and helps to speed up your TDD coding.

After a short introduction of the tools we’ll try to solve a small coding problem together in a coding dojo. All skill levels are welcome and the session will give a lot of room to try out new ideas.

Book your tickets for this awesome event.

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